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The Anti-Trans Hate Machine

Producer / Recording Engineer

I investigate the people and organizations behind the recent wave of anti-transgender backlash in the United States. I’ve been researching anti-trans hate groups, interviewing sources at the center of the backlash, and writing episodes for this series.

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People with disabilities are too often only brought into policy conversations as an afterthought. (In)Accessible is a documentary podcast for Sun Sounds of Arizona and KJZZ that aims to shine a light on accessibility issues in Phoenix, AZ. The show is part of HearArizona, a solutions journalism project that highlights resources listeners can access if they find themselves in similar situations as the podcast’s main characters. I pitched, reported, and produced this podcast, with the first episode releasing in November 2019.

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KJZZ’s The Show

Associate Producer

KJZZ’s daily two-hour news magazine program features two-way interviews and sound-rich features. From 2019 to 2o20, I pitched and booked guests for The Show with a focus on Arizona and Southwest news stories. My go-to topic areas are immigration, community-driven political activism, and the arts. I was also the lead producer for Sounds of the City, a series of audio postcards featuring strange sounds you might stumble upon while wandering Phoenix, AZ.

Arizona DACA Recipients In D.C. For Supreme Court Hearing On Their Future

This segment includes reporting from KJZZ’s Matthew Casey.

Canal Convergence Brings International Art to Scottsdale

Sounds of the City: The Phoenix Bat Cave

We Must Ignite

Host/Producer/Sound Witch

When you don’t see yourself represented in media, it’s time to create new media. We Must Ignite is a documentary podcast about people from marginalized communities trying to make it in the arts while supporting each other along the way. This show was a collaborative project with three other artists. As the podcast’s producer and audio engineer, I wrote, edited and produced each episode. I also composed the show’s theme song and audio signature. The first two seasons of We Must Ignite ran from June 2018 to July 2019.

Discovering Yourself in a Roleplaying Game

Fear of a Black Queer Planet

Cosplaying and Crafting With Crooked Feathers

The Power of the Makeover Mage


In some video games, you can choose which character you want to play, and you can customize the look of those characters. For many transgender players, that option played a significant role in their lives...”

Written and reported for the podcast Imaginary Worlds, this 30-minute podcast episode explores how video games can help queer people explore their feelings about gender.

Imaginary Worlds: The Power of the Makeover Mage