We Must Ignite

Host/Producer/Sound Wizard – June 2018 (ongoing)

We Must Ignite is a documentary podcast about women and non-binary people pursuing their passions in the arts. As the show’s producer and audio engineer, I record all active tape, edit scripts, and produce the final mix for the episode. I also composed the show’s theme song and audio signature.

Just Shoot It

Editor – May 2017 (ongoing)

Just Shoot It is a podcast about directing, filmmaking and screenwriting. As one of the show’s editors, I mix the program’s music and audio clips, while also trimming the hosts’ interviews.

State Press Podcasts

Editor/Producer – January 2017 to May 2017

I was a podcast editor for Arizona State University’s student newspaper. I co-produced all our shows, including The Forks Estate, a podcast about how politics affect student life.


Producer – September to December 2016

Deconstructed is news magazine podcast about downtown Phoenix and community issues. I was the show’s producer, and I edited scripts, recorded supplemental audio, and produced the final show. It was a part of the college publication Downtown Devil. I was an editor at Downtown Devil, and my responsibilities included teaching multimedia journalism students best-practices for audio reporting.

The Music of Star Wars

Writer/Host – December 2015

“The Music of Star Wars” aired on December 17th on KBAQ 89.5 and Arizona PBS to commemorate the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. While the full production is 58 minutes long, this is a compilation showcasing the program’s narration.

Published by Josephine Jaye McAuliffe

Independent audio storyteller, producer and documentarian. Co-creator of We Must Ignite, a narrative podcast about women and non-binary people pursuing their artistic passions.